Best 2 Easy Way for Converting WMV to MP4

Windows media video is a sequence of video codes which is developed by Microsoft. It is a type of audio and video format which is used as a method to store audio and video information in File. The WMV can store a large amounts of audios and videos in a very small space. Furthermore, if you want to store videos from different social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook and others then Snaptube Apk is the best possible way to do it. MP4 is a common digital multimedia container mostly used to store audio and video formats. The MP4 and WMV both help in streaming all types of videos on the internet.

As we all know that the windows media video format is one of the best video-audio format. But in most cases windows media video is not friendly with most of the devices especially the iOS devices, it is friendly mainly to Microsoft windows media player only. So it is better to convert it into the most universal format like MP4 and it will be an ideal solution also.

If you want to watch a video in windows media video on your mobile device, it would be best to transfer it into a more compatible video format like MP4. MP4 is truly a universal format that can be used by both mobiles and PCs. So let’s check out how to convert windows media video to MP4 easily;


We can use online services to convert windows media videos to MP4 easily. There are numerous online sites that help us to convert. However, there are many problems in this online segments like,

  • Most of the sites will have a limit of file size like 100 MB.
  • Only one conversion can be done at a time.
  • Mostly slow conversion will happen.
  • There will be trust and authentication problems as it is an online site.
  • The lacks editing capability.

Actually online websites are much convenient for people using this conversion for one time and having very small size videos.

Steps for the conversion of WMV to MP4 will be common in most of site’s

  • Go to the website.
  • Click, then add your files to upload, select the video you want to convert.
  • Select the desired file and click open.
  • Tab the convert button and launch process.
  • After a few time, it will be converted and MP4 file will be downloaded.

Third-Party Applications

There are numerous third-party applications available on the internet. Before using this application we have to read all its terms and conditions and FAQs, make sure that it is authentic and trustful application. Here are such few applications we can use easily.


It is one of the most popndersular video converters, it can convert to more than 1000+ formats. It has a superfast speed than all other converters. Dev numerous editing options in this and it supports in almost all the operating systems

Video converter android

It is regarded as one of the most effective video converters to date. it is a very small application and can easily convert the video formats with good editing platforms also.


It is developed as a friendly application for users. The main feature of this is it can extract the audios and videos. It also has a very fast action of conversion.

Video-converter free

It is one of the most underrated application. It also has a wide range of converting format. It has the ability to convert a full movie or a small clips easily and it supports almost all format usually we using.

Movavi video converter-

It is one of the highest speed converting app. It allows to convert a very long video files and films. The movaviconverting application provides as batch processing and lossless conversion for the better user experience.

{ The processing steps of the above applications will be different according to the format and terms and conditions of the application. So, just with the format manual and  we can do it easily.}

Bottom Line –

WMV format is a very good format of audio and video but it can be only used for windows platforms. When we use for other operating system it is better to use mp4 because it’s very friendly with all devices. The MP4 is a universal trust video player and all the devices will support this format. This should be the main point that we focus on deciding the conversion of video formats.

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