Fixing Some Common Issues in your Xbox One Controller

Your Xbox One controller doesn’t work? It is an annoying issue for many Xbox owners. Although wireless controllers today are more convenient than cable controllers in previous systems, they have a number of problems. Although playing games on the computer also demands easy controls with mouse and keyboard, just like playing PUBG mobile on pc with the help of Tencent Gaming Buddy gives a smooth gaming experience to users. This problem algorithm guide shows you how your Xbox One controller can be repaired if it is not paired, synchronized, or disabled properly. You will train again by the end of it.

Also, remember that only one Xbox One system can be used to pair a controller. You have to re-pair it with yours once again if you come to a friend’s house and match your power with his Xbox. It also happens when attaching your controller to a PC and attempting to use it again on the computer.

However it will happen much more often than once every 15 minutes if you have an unplugging problem. If this is the case, a few steps to solve a problem can be attempted. It is important to confirm that when you have this problem, your batteries are charged. To go back to the Home menu, press the Xbox button, and see the battery icon at the top right. Substitute or charge them if they’re small.

Update the Controller Firmware:

In fact, your Xbox One app has a firmware that sometimes receives updates. While these do not always occur, defective or obsolete firmware may cause disconnection problems. You may check it by pressing the Xbox Button to open your Guide, if your app is available. Go to System > Configurations > Configuration > Accessories. Choose the System info > Firmware version to check for updates, then pick your controller.

Final Words

We have already discussed this, but it should be repeated: ensure that your console restart when controller problems are solved. By example, the power button on the front of the device can only be put in sleep-mode. Then make sure you sustain it for a complete shutdown at least 10 seconds. There are occasions when the Xbox One controller does not work when you need a quick reboot.

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