How Netflix is dominating the TV industry

We all are well aware of Netflix and many people would have enjoyed Netflix’s online streaming services. Netflix is the first choice for online video streaming among people around the world. Netflix is the number one company in the world with 167 million subscribers and has dominated the on-demand media industry since the beginning. We all want to take advantage of Netflix’s premium services, but if you are thinking about taking advantage of Netflix’s services without spending money, then Netflix apk can be a better option for you.

One of the major reasons behind the success of Netflix is to provide the original content on its platform, the complete idea of a user’s choice and on top of that, to avail all favorite videos to users directly on their mobile screen anytime anywhere. All these things are not possible through your television cable connection, that’s why Netflix has forced television cable operators to find new ways to do business.

After the advent of Netflix and many other online video streaming platforms, millions of people worldwide cut their cable TV connections and started watching their favorite shows and series on all these online video platforms. Right now the changes we are seeing in the cable TV world like you have to pay only for the channels you want to watch, all these changes have come after the introduction of streaming services like Netflix, which has greatly benefited the consumer.

On Netflix, you can watch movies, web series, TV series and any web content first after the release and that too on your favorite device by giving only a nominal monthly charge which is also much cheaper as compared to cable TV connection. Netflix made its debut with a DVD rental website, and in 2007, when Internet speeds grew significantly and computers were better developed for online streaming, Netflix began its online video streaming commercially.

It was a new experience for all the people and they could watch the show or video of their choice in their computer, tablet and phone and that too without any fix time and unsolicited advertisements. This affected the cable TV world the most and people started to prefer online video platforms, due to which TV networks also started offering on-demand shows and movies to people and that too at a reasonable price. But today, there are many online video platforms like Netflix which are providing better services to all users and which are giving a tough competition to Netflix and this makes the existence of cable TV almost on the verge of extinction.

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