New Novel For Exploring The Dark Side of Modern Technology

Technology has made human life easy to a great extent in which we can take computers and mobile phones as an example, which is not wrong to call it the biggest invention of technology. The whole world is becoming dependent on technology today. But there are millions of people who still do not understand how technology works. Today most of the people spend their time on mobile but many of them do not even know how their phones work and what functions are present in them.

“The Dark Net” is the most recent Novel book of Percy’s, that based on the high tech monstrosities, old time horror and current events. As technology continues to develop, very few people believe in scary, demonic incidents. These things are decreasing with the passage of time today, but even today many people like to read and watch scary, demonic incidents.

This talk of Iowa was originally broadcast on 8–29–17. In this edition, Charity Nebbe talks with two well-known novelists, whose names are Benjamin Percy and Alisa Knutting, who illustrate these concerns in their work. Percy says this topic, “Right now it is difficult to say how our technology works, and how much we trust it.” “You spend most of your day staring at a screen, but you don’t know how your smartphone works.

Alissa Nutting’s novel “Made for Love”, which was the intoxicating but intoxicating story of a woman’s sexual predator. Which looks based on a romance novel. Made for Love novels can be one of the funniest or wildest books for you. Alissa Nutting is also a faculty member at Grinnell College for the post of Assistant Professor of English. She is also the author of this novel as well as the story collection Unclean Jobs for Women & Girls and the novel Tampa.

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