How to Use Successfully Incorporate Technology into Your Story

Incorporating modern technology into writing a novel can be quite challenging. Because today all our communication is done through emails, texts and social media posts etc., which somewhere keeps us away from letters and phone calls.  Technology integration refers to the use of technology resources – computers, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, digital cameras, social media platforms and networks, software apps, the Internet etc.

How to Use Successfully Incorporate Technology into Your Story

If we were to say that we have to incorporate these modern elements in the novel set in the 21st century, then how can we do this? Will it either help your narrative or be harmful?. If you are thinking of using modern technology in your novel, then read this guide in our entirety, in which we will tell you whether the current forms of communication have a place in your story. And if so, how to incorporate them into the text artistically.

Make It Anonymous

Apps like anonymous messaging services that have gained popularity recently, you can build suspense or mystery into who is behind the messages. This can work really well for important messages or love notes etc.

Make It Big

In this modern era everyone has a platform, which has modern technology. When you write something wrong in a novel, it can spread a rumor in an instant. Try to make it in right and massive way.

Everybody Can Make A Mistake

The world is not someone that does not make mistakes. It is easy to text the wrong person, and it may be possible in your novel. Autocorrect can lead to some hilarious misconceptions. The meaning of an emoji in communication between two people can be completely different from both – especially when both people have different types of phones, and which the emojis do not translate well.

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